Specialists In Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

One-On-One Training

There is never more than one student in a truck. You won’t find groups of students crowded into a truck for observation time, as with many truck driving schools. We believe you learn to drive by driving, not watching. At Barkly the focus is on you. We value our students, their safety and their training. Barkly does not compromise this to save money by training several students in a truck. Your training is too important to us.

Over 65 Years Of Experience

As innovators and leaders in driver education, Barkly Driving School has grown from a single car organization in 1951 to one of the largest and most respected truck driving schools in Victoria.

With well over 200,000 people taught to drive, it is little wonder that Barkly Driving School is now considered by many as the professionals in the business.

Major Elements Of All Scheduled Heavy Vehicle Courses
  • Road law and regulations
  • System of vehicle control
  • Skill manoeuvres
  • On and off-road practical driving
  • Driver attitude
  • Licence test assessment
  • A ratio of 1 student per Instructor

Barkly Driving School is accredited to provide heavy vehicle training and assessment services on behalf of VicRoads